operations research methods

Among endless pages of various meandering rants, a Facebook post caught my interest. It was a link to a map of mathematics. Thanks Robby Bensinger for sharing this. That's cool, but you know what's really cool? A version for operations research. I drew on Operation Research Methodologies in Industrial Engineering: A Survey by Shannon, Long, and Billy Buckles to create this data set (opens in Google Docs). They surveyed members of the OR division of the AIIE about their familiarity with different techniques. Maybe in the future I'll add a third axis for utility like an economist would.

Click here for the R code I used to create the visualization.

Everyone prefers their own brand, but I think things turned out pretty cute.
survey of operations research methods

Here is a version where text is scaled to the utility of each method. Circle size indicates the percentage of respondents who listed the method as either the most useful or second most useful. Most respondents were in agreement.
survey of operations research methods with utility <img src="/content/images/2017/02/survey8.svg" alt="survey of operations research methods with utility" title=""/>
These are SVG files, so you can zoom in infinitely.